Magical Moments

Children's Hospital of Orange County

Children’s Hospital of Orange County

Matt’s Foundation grants Matt’s Magical Moments to disadvantaged children and children with life-threating medical conditions. We grant moments ranging from ice cream delivered to hospitals by Matt, to Our Angel Experience and more.


Toys ready to be shipped to Oakland Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Orange County.  Lot of smiles on children’s faces in the holiday season.

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation

The Matt Leinart Foundation is the proud recipient of the Certificate of Appreciation from Eric Garcetti the Mayor of Los Angeles.

“In appreciation of your ongoing support in bringing joy to the children of The Salvation Army Los Angeles Red Shield Youth & Community Center.  Your compassion instilled so much Joy and Laughter in the heart of many children this Holiday Season.  Thank you!”

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Every year we take approximately 25 Little Brothers that have not received a Big Brother yet to an Angel Baseball Game. Not only do they getto go to the game but also we take them onto the field while the Angels are warming up. Several of the players take the time to come over to sign autographs for the children. Then they get to have lunch in a private room, get a goodie bag of Angel memorabilia and watch the Angels play a baseball game!

Here are a few more Magical Moments we have granted.

• Amanda wished to attend Biola Universities Nursing Program
• Brandon wished to have a custom drum set. He received his drum set and even went back stage to Bling Fest, a professional music event
• 4 year old Daniel’s wish was to meet the Angels Baseball team.
• Andrew a big wrestling fan wished to meet Jeff Hardy. He received backstage passes and then ringside seats.
• Since Kimberly had to be confined to her bedroom a lot she wished to have her room redone in bright colors.
• Esmeralda wished for a new computer to help her prepare for her high school experience.





Salvation Army Pico Union District Los Angeles

The event picture below is when we granted a Magical Moment to the children from the Salvation Army. The children got to walk the red carpet and bowl with Matt.




Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an organization that creates friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Matt has created friendship with several of the children and the Foundation has sponsored bowling events for the Best Buddies Organization.

Christmas Parties

The Matt Leinart Foundation every year sponsors a Christmas party for 200 to 300 Children in the town where Matt is playing. Matt and Santa love to hand out presents to all the children.




Matt Visit’s CHOC Hospital

In April Matt handed out ice cream and visited with the patients at CHOC on the Pediatric Oncology floor and the Pediatric ICU floor.

Children attend NFL Football Games
Every year the Foundation grants Magical Moments to over 100 children to attend an NFL game. The children receive early access to the stadium to watch the team.




Ryan Davidson

A friendship formed between Matt Leinart and Ryan Davidson when they first met back at USC four years ago. Matt has been an inspiration of hope throughout Ryan’s continued cancer battles. Ryan definitely knows that Matt is always there for him.

Leinart hosted Ryan and his father, Kirby Davidson, and friends, in a weekend filled with sports, entertainment, games, and barbeque at his house. “It’s always a blast to hang out with Matt and his family,” beamed Ryan. “He’s a good friend and a great guy to hang out with. I continue to be amazed by the Leinart’s’ generosity and love for Ryan. And, I know that Ryan’s not alone as the Matt Leinart Foundation does so much to help kids in similar situations,” Kirby observed. Unfortunately, Ryan lost his 9 ½ year battle with cancer last year.




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